aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

I made it to one-million!

I first started blogging in April 2006, thanks to the suggestion of lkmadigan.

And this past Saturday, according to Statcounter, I got my one-millionth hit on my blog. (To celebrate, I did giveaways for all ten of my books and notified the winners.)

Thanks for keeping me company on this journey. I’ve gone from being a writer who had a day job (that felt like I would never leave it), her first YA just published, and no adult contract it sight, to a writer who writes full time (yay!!), has just published her third YA, and has had two more adult books come out, with contracts for four more.

There were some dark days in there, but I’m so glad I never gave up. Thanks for keeping me company these last 4.5 years.

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