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Have Albuquerque victims of a serial killer just been forgotten?

NPR looked at a horrific story that seems to have fallen off the radar of the police who should be concerned:

“In all, the skeletons of 11 women and one fetus were found buried in shallow graves on a high mesa west of town. The area had been graded for a housing development and it took a year to identify all the remains. Nine of the victims were on the list of missing women who had been arrested for prostitution; police say they believe the same person or persons were responsible for the killings. But investigators found no evidence to indicate how the women were killed. "I still remember what my daughter was wearing," said Jayne Perea, whose 15-year-old daughter Jamie's remains were among those found on the mesa. Jamie Perea was not involved in prostitution.”

Most of the others were, however. Prostitutes and homeless people are favored targets for serial killers because they won’t be missed.

Read and hear more about this story here.

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