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Facebook forgets two magic words "opt in"

So this morning my email box was filled up with all these notices from a new Facebook group that I hadn't even joined. It turns out that Facebook wanted to imitate something like Yahoo Groups, so they revamped Facebook group. The idea was to let users compartmentalize their Facebook lives and post certain items to pre-designated groups of people.

And any of your "friends" could put you in a group without your consent (or knowledge, until you started getting posts).

Now I don't know about you, but I have a thousand friends. And of those, I really only know about 50 people. I say yes to pretty much anyone who wants to friend me, except one creepy old boss.

An article in PC World says, "A Facebook spokeswoman confirmed that group members can only add their friends to the group. "If you have a friend that is adding you to groups you do not want to belong to, or they are behaving in a way that bothers you, you can tell them to stop doing it, block them or remove them as a friend -- and they will no longer ever have the ability to add you to any group," she wrote in an e-mail. "If you don't trust someone to look out for you when making these types of decisions on the site, we'd suggest that you shouldn't be friends on Facebook.""

To prove how dumb this idea was, someone set up a group for NAMBLA - the North American Man-Boy Love Association - and opted Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg into it.

I think Facebook really missed the mark. Read more here.

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