aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

It's as easy as having an idea! (and someone else to write it)

New York Post's Page Six has an interview with the ever-articulate Hilary Duff.

"“I wrote a book, so it goes to show you that anyone can write a book if they have an idea,” says Hilary Duff, who’s not exactly “anyone.” The newlywed, 23-year-old pop singer, “Lizzie McGuire” star and fashion designer just came out with “Elixir” (Simon & Schuster), the young-adult novel she wrote with Elise Allen."

Yup! All she needed was an idea and someone to turn that idea into a book!

Of The Hunger Games, she says, "I’m going to do a terrible job of explaining it because, like my book, it’s very complicated."

About Eclipse, she says, "it’s so genius."

Click here to be inspired.

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