aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

I'm lucky enough to have a trust fund

I've been supporting myself solely as a writer for nearly three years. (Something that might not be possible if my husband didn't have a job that a) paid regularly and b) offered health insurance).

It's not always easy. Checks you thought were a sure thing fall through or don't come until months after you've given up. Cars break down in very expensive ways. Etc.
I recently made a new friend. Like me, she doesn't have an office job. Instead she does some copywriting, some voiceovers, some ghostwriting... Like writing books, none of those seem like a sure thing. A few months ago we were having coffee.

New friend: Did I tell you I have a trust fund?

Me: [Damn! I wish I had a trust fund. No wonder she always seems so sunny. I would be too, if only I had a trust fund. Better put on a smile and pretend I'm not jealous...] Oh really?

New friend: Yes. I just trust that the funds will come.

Both of us: [Start cracking up]

I've thought about that idea a lot since then. Worrying about money does not usually end productively. And despite my worry, it continues to all work out.

So I've decided I have a trust fund, too.

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