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Writing a novel in one week - live and on-camera!

Since Monday, from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. PST 36 Northwest authors have been writing a novel that will be completed in just six days. They are calling it a "stunning, never-before-attempted marathon of literary wonder."

Every author brings something special to the project, which is a fundraiser for Writers in the Schools and 826 Seattle, a nonprofit writing and tutoring center dedicated to helping kids ages six to 18 improve their writing skills, and to helping teachers inspire their students to write. David Lasky draws his section. Kevin O'Brien is killing off a character, whose name Nancy Pearl auctioned off at the Sunday kick-off party at Elliott Bay Books. Susan Wiggs is writing the ending, which seems like the hardest task of all.

You'll recognize many of the names behind the event, including Garth Stein, Jamie Ford, Elizabeth George, and Erik Larson.

The first day kicked off with my friend Jennie Shortridge (When She Flew). As Shelf Awareness says, "The authors have a story map and an individual goal, but it was up to Jennie to set it all in motion. And while she typed, the audience called out suggestions. Early on, she asked the audience for help with teenage Alexis's skin tone.



She decided on "latte creamy."

The she wanted to set the tone for a mortuary visit:

"If it's any time except August or September, it's pretty much rain."

"Yeah, we must have rain."
At 10:40, she wondered why she ever threw in a pirate named Ursula.

"If Alexis is wearing a black wool sweater, does she go to a Catholic School?"

"She might."

.... A bit after 11, Jennie needed a lifeline, so she called author Marisa de los Santos for help: "I introduced a crow--do I keep it?" Yes. "I need a name for the mother." Edith.

Authors Denise Banker and Joyce Yarrow synopsized Jennie's story for the next writer, Teri Hein, who took over at noon.

Check it out yourself at The Novel Live!. You can watch the novel progress as it streams live.

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