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My great-grandfather, part of an arson gang

Do you think everyone has a bad apple or two hanging from the family tree?

Google has been scanning in more and more obscure bound volumes. Last fall, as the result of some idle Googling, I discovered that my great-grandfather on my father's side had shot his own daughter's boyfriend for kissing her. He served time for second-degree murder: http://aprilhenry.livejournal.com/637754.html

Tonight I remembered my great-grandfather's name on my mother's side - Barney Clowers - and thought it would be worth Googling since it's so unusual. And found this in some book of bound issues of The Adjuster - a publication for insurance agents. "Additional arrests of members of an arson gang that has been working on the Pacific Coast are expected by officers at Seattle, following the capture of Barney Clowers who has been arrested for alleged complicity with the burning of Newaukum River Lumber Company's sawmill at Forest, Washington.

The name, time and place make it more than likely he was my great-grandfather.

Good thing the only killing and stealing I do is on paper!

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