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Any free writers out there?

For most of my writing career, I was juggling writing with a full-time job, a baby or very young kid, a spouse, exercise, cooking, and even occasionally cleaning. It was the kind of crazy schedule that led to me one day discovering that the reason I was so uncomfortable was that I had spent the whole day wearing my underwear sideways. I had put one leg through a leg hole, one leg through the waist hole, and the the other leg hole was cutting into my waist. I had ignored the nagging sensation that something was wrong because I had so many things I had to do.

As a result, I learned how to write in fifteen-minute increments. Sometimes five-minute increments. If I could find a way to write, I would. My husband said I was like someone chopping wood. I would just pick up my metaphorical ax and start methodically working.

I hear a lot about free-writing, but I've never actually done it. It's always sounded like writing without a purpose, and for so long I did not have the luxury of not multitasking.

So if you free-write, what do you do, and how has it been useful to you?

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