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Milk and cookies

Milk and Cookies
I've before before about how it's good to make your bookstore event far more than a reading. One of the best I've ever been part of was for Karen Karbo's Motherhood Made a Man Out of Me. She went to five or six cities. And in each city she appeared with local mothers who were also mothers. Karen talked about the book, but she also talked about juggling motherhood and writing.

When she did the event here, I appeared with Karen and Whitney Otto, who wrote How to Make An American Quilt (and many other fine books). How cool was that? Plus Karen let me borrow her red lipstick just before we walked out in front of the crowd, which is a rather personal thing to do.

My contribution to the event, besides talking about what it's like to write with a brand new baby (a big blur), was to suggest that we serve milk and cookies. And to say in the press release that the cookies were store-bought, and that we felt really, really guilty about that.

We got tons of people, sold a good number of books, had a great time, and even ate a few cookies ourselves.

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