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Who vets textbooks? In Virginia, it might a couple of teachers paid $200

Did you know that ""Thousands of Southern blacks fought in the Confederate ranks, including two black battalions under the command of Stonewall Jackson"?

You might not. Because it isn't true. But thousands of Virginia school children were learning that in a textbook that has since come under fire.

The author, "who is not a trained historian, told The Washington Post this week that she substantiated that assertion primarily by doing an Internet search, which led her to the work of the Sons of Confederate Veterans and some other sources. ... Masoff said she was unaware that a number of her sources were members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans."

The Washington Post also says, "The Sons of Confederate Veterans, a group of male descendants of Confederate soldiers based in Columbia, Tenn., has long maintained that substantial numbers of black soldiers fought for the South The group's historian-in-chief, Charles Kelly Barrow, has written the book "Black Confederates." The Sons of Confederate Veterans also disputes the widely accepted conclusion that the struggle over slavery was the main cause of the Civil War. Instead, the group says, the war was fought "to preserve their homes and livelihood," according to John Sawyer, chief of staff of the Sons of Confederate Veterans' Army of Northern Virginia. He said the group was pleased that a state textbook accepted some of its views."

Learn how this strange assertion came about here.

Learn how textbooks in Virginia are vetted here.

Read about how the textbook is being pulled here.

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