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One tough mother indeed!

Eighty-five -year old Gert Boyle is a local legend. When her husband died, she took over Columbia Sportswear, succeeding despite a lot of pat on the head sexism at the idea of a woman running a company. I met her when her book came out - she was as no-nonense as you might expect.

And she still has spunk! The Oregonian reports: "Boyle, 85, had returned home to her house in the city's Hidden Springs neighborhood about 5:50 p.m. Wednesday and pulled into her driveway when a delivery man approached her with a gift basket. He followed her into the garage and then tried to have Boyle sign a book.

"When she grew suspicious and tried to turn him away, the man pulled a gun.

"As Boyle was going into the house, she told the man she had to disable her alarm system. Instead, she hit the silent panic button.

"He tied up her hands and started ransacking the house. An officer responded to the alarm, rang the doorbell and saw that Boyle's hands appeared bound as she approached and that there was someone lurking in the hallway."

He ran away and was caught six hours later.

Go Gert!

Edited to add: Despite bumps and bruises, Boyle's business instincts came to the fore when the West Linn police chief visited to brief her on the investigation. He wore a North Face jacket, and he asked her how she was doing. She said she was doing fine "until that jacket walked through the door."

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