aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Seen on the Streets

What I saw when I went for a very slow Christmas run:

- Lots of families in minivans
- 6 families walking
- 5 bicyclists (plus a family, see below)
- 4 runners (and buddy, I saw you walking earlier, so while you passed me at a speedy clip, I know you probably slowed down when you went around the corner)
- 3 dogs barking behind fences (as if they hadn't seen me a hundred times before) (plus one more dog, see below)
- 2 cats (1 yellow, 1 black)
- 2 fathers playing with their kids (1 setting up new basketball hoop, 1 playing catch with little girl wearing pink pajamas and a pink feather tutu)
- 1 guy smoking in his driveway
- 1 family riding bikes with their yellow lab running behind (one very trusting family, see first entry on list)
- 1 thin old man with wild white eyebrows, walking with his head bent down. He looked lonely. I wanted to invite to come back to our house, but the fantasy quickly became complicated. What exactly would we do with him? We're not eating until late, we might go see a movie, but right now we are each doing our own thing.

Thinking about the things I saw was like writing a book. You have to think of what to pay attention to and describe. What will you put in and what will you leave out? What order will it be in? What feeling will it leave the reader with?

Was it appropriate to end what is basically a happy story on a sad note?

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