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Liberal Clause

A local politician, David Hedrick, who lost his Tea Party-backed bid has penned a book called Liberal Clause. Self-pubbed, of course. See you if can spot the errors in the description take from the website for it (presumably also penned by the author): "In this soon to be best seller, that children will learn from and their politically active parents are sure to enjoy, Hedrick takes the reader on a journey to a North Pole where liberal elves call the shots. In this snow covered socialist wonderland, Santa’s workshop is unionized and central planning controls toy production. In the end, efforts to control “elf made global warming”, excessive debt and the disastrous effects of liberalism, threaten Christmas itself."

He is either clueless or shameless enough to use sarcastic quotes to promote it on his web site, like pulling "powerful political satire" from a mocking review in Gawker.

I'm voting for clueless, because the AP reports, "Hedrick is traveling to New York today to film a Christmas-special segment for Comedy Central's "Daily Show with Jon Stewart." Unless he has a sense of humor and is really agile on his feet, he's not going to come off well.

Hedrick got his "start" in politics, such as it was, when he attended one of those Town Halls on health care where people went to yell about death panels, and became a YouTube sensation. Speaking against federal health care reform, Hedrick yelled at a Congressman Baird, “Stay away from my kids.” He's also had a spot of legal trouble - arrested for hitting his wife in the back of the head during an argument (in which it seems she also hefted a folding chair).

Read more about the "author" here.

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