aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Bad, evil books!

Have you read any of these bad books?

- The Joy Luck Club
- The Name of the Rose
- The Pillars of the Earth
- The Hot Zone
- The Giver
- The Things They Carried

Those are just few of the "bad books" listed by PABBIS.org - Parents Against Bad Books in Schools. [Full disclosure: I think of it as Pablum.org]. People have gone through books and looked for any instance of sex, sexual innuendo, violence, swear words, and mentions of God that aren't prayer. And then these books, with a handful of cherry-picked words or sentences, are labeled "bad."

In case you were wondering how The Hot Zone, a non-fiction book warning about exotic viruses, ended up on the naughty list, here's what's wrong with it, according to PABBIS: "Has graphic detailed descriptions of the effects of the Ebola virus on the body [really? in a book about viruses? How dare they!]; 4 uses of the f-word, 16 uses of the s-word, 4 SOB’s, 1 bastard, 2 Christ’s/Holy Christ’s, 1 GD; Brief mentions of pimps/prostitutes, how someone’s [testicles] swelled up “like a blue monkey’ and a statement of how a man infected his wife through sexual intercourse."

The whole idea makes my blood boil. Check it out here: http://pabbis.org

To learn more about book banning, click here.

What world are these folks living in? In my world, a girl who goes to my daughter's school was given a box of 300 condoms by her mother for her 14th birthday. An f word or an s word or GD is not going to ruin kid's ears (or eyes).

In the Bible, Lot had sex with his daughters. Or how about "Your breasts are like twin fawns of a gazelle"? And don't get me started on all the violence in the Bible.

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