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Oregon has a name for teens who take dirty pictures with their cellphones: child pornographers

Portland’s Willamette Week has a story about two teens who met, fell in like and fooled around. Like many teens, they took a few pictures to commemorate their relationship. Supposedly, one showed them touching tongues and another implied, but didn’t show, oral sex. They didn’t share them with anyone else. But when the younger teen’s mom found them on her daughter’s phone, she turned the phone over to the police.

The 19 year old ended up in prison, facing 70 months in prison for child pornography and a permanent entry on the list of sex offenders. For a consensual relationship. Sounds like it might make an interesting premise for a YA.

WW reports, “When he sentenced Brown moments later, his terms were not as harsh as they could have been: three years of bench probation, $3,000 in court fees and an order to stay away from Jenkins until she turns 18 in July.”

You can read the whole story here. One interesting twist: both are female, and the younger girl says her mother never had a problem with her dating older boys.

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