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I dream of having a folder

As a freelancer, I review mysteries, thrillers and YA for the Oregonian. As a result, I get a lot of books. Sometimes the publisher will try to do something extra to attract your attention. I’ve gotten sheep-shaped chocolates on a bed of fake grass, packages stamped “Confidential,” books wrapped in yellow crime scene tape.

But it seems like they save folders for the biggest books. These can be plain folders with a photo glued on the outside, but the one for Three Seconds is actually a blow up of the cover. Inside, there is a moody color photo of the two authors, a Q&A, a first-person account of how they met, a press release, a list of facts that informed the novel, and a compilation of good reviews. From what I’ve seen of these type of publicity folders, this one is pretty typical. Pretty typical, that is, when you think that probably only a fraction of one percent of books get this treatment.

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