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Yes! Two men found guilty on all counts in deadly bombing

About 18 months ago, I attended a luncheon to honor law enforcement.

Some of the awards were given out because of what happened after a bomb was discovered planted outside a bank. That bomb exploded as Oregon State Police bomb technician William Hakin attempted to dismantle it. Woodburn Police Captain Tom Tennant was also killed.

Woodburn Police Chief Scott Russell lost a leg,and at the ceremony it took him a very long time to make it on stage on his new artificial leg. He's lucky he's alive. During trial testimony the paramedic said he was bleeding so heavily, she had to wait for an air bubble to pop out of his airway so she could see where to insert a device critical to keeping him breathing.

I sat next to Mrs. Tennant and her two daughters. She went up to receive her husband's posthumous award. It sat on the table in front of her. I wonder how she felt. Your husband is dead. Dead because two stupid men, a father and son (who, according to testimony, were broke and angry about Obama being elected, partly because he is black and partly because they were afraid he would take away their guns) decided to build a bomb. No plaque makes up for such a senseless death.

Their defense was that the other one did it. Or maybe that they just built the bomb for show, but didn't intend for it to go off. They blamed the bomb technician for his own death.

I just watched the streaming video of the verdict. Guilty on all counts.


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