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Rejection letters

An acquaintance saw this 1938 rejection letter from Knopf in a museum in New Mexico. It is a form letter.

Your ms _Death in Person_ unfortunately does not meet our requirements in the following characteristics
X weak characterization
improbable plot "the working out of the plot is too 'pat' and manufactured."
use of "bromide" expressions
X not enough suspense
X slow beginning "middle & ending"
weak ending
poor dialog
X general style tending toward flatness
not (long) (short) enough
situation too common
style too common
(more) (less) horror
(more) (less) comedy

And at the bottom was a note:
"This story does not arouse interest at any time -- if it can be called a story ..."

I guess the good thing is that you would know exactly why it was rejected. The bad thing would be knowing exactly why it was rejected.

Once I got a rejection letter that was really a single word scrawled on my query. A single word with an exclamation mark.


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