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The best book to read when you're sick

Feeling a bit under the weather? Have I got the book for you! I originally got How to Survive Anything, Anywhere: A Handbook of Survival Skills for Every Scenario and Environment, because I thought I was going to have a character making her way in the woods on her own.

My idea changed, but I kept the book. And when I came down with a cold, I found myself dipping into the pages. It covers how to:

* Make a shelter
* Find underground water
* Survive urban terrorism
* Hunt, trap, and fish with jerry-rigged tools
* Build fires or escape them
* Negotiate arctic, desert, jungle, or mountain terrain
* Win hand-to-hand combat

After all, no matter how badly I feel, I don't have to worry about this tip:
"Remove yourself from the presence of corpses (after checking for any survivors). They will distract the focus of your thinking and produce a very negative mind set." {And you thought checking your Amazon numbers was disheartening!]

And how about these body signals which you can use if someone is flying overhead:

I especially like the one where the person is lying on their back, which is "need medical assistance urgently."

And I know a sad story about the "All OK, do not wait" signal. I remember a few years back there was someone stranded in the outback (an island or maybe in Alaska) with no food or supplies. He was super excited to see a plane and waved his hand over head.

Satisfied that everything was okay, the pilot flew away and never returned. And if I remember correctly, before he starved to death, the man figured out his error.

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