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Imagination leads to Figment - writing site for teens

Publishers Weekly reports: “Founded by New Yorker staff writer Dana Goodyear and former New Yorker managing editor Jacob Lewis, Figment.com is an online writing community aimed at attracting a membership of young people, ranging from kids to teens and older, to post, share and comment on each other’s original writing. Launched this week, the site is also teaming with YA author Blake Nelson, author of the well-received 1994 adult novel Girl, who is serializing Dream School, a long unpublished YA sequel to Girl, on the Figment site.”

This site is getting so much press. And how cool that Blake is involved - he lived in Portland for a while. We even ate lunch together once. (I was wearing my new Smartwool top with thumbholes, which I tucked my thumbs into. Looking back, kind of a sartorial doofus move.)

Read Publishers Weekly’s story here.

There was also an article in the New York Times.

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