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How many novels before you make a sale?

I was one of the 150 novelists who participated in Tobias Buckell's unscientific survey asking authors how many novels they had written before they got published. In my case, it was my fourth book that was published.

His take-away was "Out of a group of 10 writers who will go on to be published (we can’t guess at how many are turned away unpublished, right, this is a self selecting group), 3 will sell the first novel they write. 1 will write some, or a lot, of short fiction before selling their first novel. 1-2 will sell their second. The other half will write 3 or more novels before breaking in." Glad to see I'm not alone. Knowing this won't help you when you are first starting out. But if you are working away at your third or fourth unpublished novel, it may give you courage to keep up the fight.

Read more here.

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