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What would you do?

We - Teen, Spouse and I - were just driving home from having pizza and frozen yogurt. We were driving by a school when two teens ran out right in front of our car. We almost hit them. They were running as fast as they can. At first I thought they must have stolen something, and looked in the direction they had run from. Teen turned the other way and said, "One guy's got the other down on the ground and is punching him in the face."

We turned around in a church parking lot. I got out my phone. My husband got out and got between them. One kid was begging us to take him home and trying to get in our car. Teen recognized the other kid. Meanwhile, I'm talking to 911 who wants to know the name of the cross street we're on. The only way I would be able to tell them that would have been to get out of the car. 911 also wanted my husband to get back in the car. It was a confusing situation.

I told the one scared kid that maybe he should just go home. I was seeing him as the victim.

Meanwhile, the other kid is telling my husband that he tried to buy weed from the first kid, who took his 80 bucks and run off. He was kind of peeved that I told the scared-looking kid to leave. By that time I was trying to encourage the other kid to leave (thinking maybe his story about trying to pot might not go over very well), but he stayed put and talked to the two cops who eventually showed up. And we left soon after.

Teen recognized the other kid, and both Teen and Husband thought he was telling the truth. I think they were both peeved I called the cops. But for me, it seemed like a situation that could turn at any second.

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