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Are kids drawn to dystopias because we are at war?

“My kid reads the The Hunger Games over and over. She adds this to her blossoming roster of a zillion other dystopian novels.” So says a columnist in the Boston Globe, who talks about why his kids might be attracted to dystopian fiction. He writes:

"As there have been for the past 10 or so years, there were banners again this holiday season hanging from the bridge, welcoming soldiers home for the holidays. And, as happens thankfully more rarely, there was a different looking banner this time as well, more solemn, not colorful, full of palpable sadness and pride. It thanked a brave man from my town for his sacrifice in the efforts over seas.

"I asked my daughter what she thought of all this, all these banners and signs that mix with the lit up trees and the festive quest for Hot Cocoa.

"“What do you mean?” she responds.

"“The signs,” I say. “What are your thoughts? Did you notice them?”

"“Dad,” she says calmly, too calmly I worry for her tender and innocent years. “We’ve been at war since I was born. There are always signs.”"
Read more here.

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