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Just finished Finish Her Off. It nearly finished me off! For a month, I've been struggling to come up with the perfect ending, you know, the one where it looks like all is lost, maybe even an important character is dead - but no! Good triumphs. Etc.

Only I couldn't figure out how to do that. I spent hours in Scrivener, putting things in, taking things out, putting them back in again. Dropping in photos of equipment I thought might be in my imaginary lab. Taking those out. Going over and over and over - and over - what the possibilities were. Liking none of them.

And then I had a tiny little idea. And I talked to a firefighter to see if my idea would work. And he not only said it work, he gave me an idea for how to make it work and he mentioned something else that would happen.

So like the hero/firefighter/paramedic that he is, Joe C. saved the day!

Holt likes my books to be 50,000. With no conscious effort on my part, this came in at 49,980. Think they'll accept that?

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