aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Art from garbage

Last night I had one of those college dreams - you know, you realize you are enrolled in college, but you haven't been to any classes, and you can't find your way to the right building, and then when you do find it and then the right classroom (which is always tucked away in a confusing place), people are taking a final on material you know nothing about?

And one of my classes was an art class. I'm not an artist, not a visual one, anyway. My stick figures don't even look like stick figures. And the other students were already rendering beautiful oil portraits.

In my dream, I despaired. But then someone said, "We have a special class for you. We'll transfer you into it."

The class? Making art from garbage. We were opening up garbage bags and spreading out the contents on the floor and seeing what we could use.

And it actually worked. I was making beautiful art from garbage.

Sure hope that metaphor applies to my real life.

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Tags: dreams

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