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What would you do to attract attention? Have a party in a sextoy shop?

Authors will go to all kinds of lengths to sell their books, or to at least give readers one extra nudge to purchase. The Wall Street Journal looks at a variety of examples, from having a part in a sextoy shop, to sending signed bookplates, to selling the book themselves at events where likely readers are likely to gather.

And wouldn’t it be lovely to have an author friend like Emily Griffin? As the WSJ reports, “Last year, to show support for a less-established colleague she admired, best-selling chick-lit author Emily Giffin used her blog to offer a signed copy of one of her own books to anyone who, over a 24-hour period, bought a copy of the novel "Pieces of Happily Ever After" by Irene Zutell and provided a receipt. "It made Irene's book a best seller on the Amazon and Barnes & Noble sites," claimed Ms. Zutell's agent, Andrea Barzvi.”

Read the whole article here.

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