aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

If you're trying to sell me something literary, you need a better copywriter

Just got an email that says, "As part of a determined effort to keep our readers informed about literature discoverable throughout on the world wide web, TPI Network offers you inclusion from within expressions! our publishing environment dedicated to advancing contemporary authors such as you."

"discoverable throughout on"???

"offers you inclusion from within"???

That has got to be one of the worst-written sentences I have ever seen. The website is of matching quality, and includes this statement: "Now showing... This site region highlights a biography and character overview as well accompanying articles relating to those who engage the writing craft. Get personal with authors at TPI Network who relate the intriguing lifestyle of all who would choose to write for a living. Additionally obtain recent reviews that compel us to read the narratives offered up by these innovative creators."

The email I got was signed by someone with an American name, but this garbage has to be written by someone who is a non-native English speaker. Or did they write it in their native language and put it through a free translator?

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