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10 cool converted bookstores

WebEcoist looks at cool spaces - like churches and an Airstream trailer - that have been covnerted into bookstores. Sadly, one of the converted spaces - a train car - belongs to a bookstore that will probably soon close.

The owner, Karin Anna, was interviewed in the Oregonian:
But after two good years, everything crashed in 2009. As the economy plummeted, so did sales. Customers became more price-conscious, and some moved to online sales and e-books.

"I call it a perfect storm," Anna said. "It breaks my heart."

In December, Anna said, a customer picked up a $40 book and used her cell phone to scan the bar code. She held up the phone for Anna to see: The same book was $16 cheaper online.

"She wanted to know if I could match it," Anna said. "I couldn't and wouldn't. It was an incredibly painful experience."
Read more here about Looking Glass.

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