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Fired employee makes life a living hell for former colleagues

A former Portland bus driver has been sentenced to prison after a six-year campaign of cyber-attacks and intimidation that included:

- accusing an acquaintance of being a white supremacist.
- posting Craigslist ads offering to sell the belongings of his former union president
- posting Craiglist ads offering “adult massages” at the home of an ex-boss
- arranging for automated wake-up calls to one of his victims
- ordering unwanted magazine subscriptions, taxicabs, and pizzas
- posting racist and homophobic statements on public forums in other people’s names
- pasting the face of the guy who fired him on another man's naked body in an ad for gay escort services.

The former boss “blamed Stenger's relentless campaign for the failure of his marriage. He described a parade of pizza deliveries, daily wake-up calls and the worry about his teenage daughter opening the front door to strangers looking for anything from adult massage to jamboree sales.”

Read more about this harrassment here.

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