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Author finds success by starting with ebooks

According to the Oregonian, Salem author Colleen Hauck once contacted every author in the Association of Author’s Representatives without success. Then she went on to self-publish a couple of ebooks right as the Kindle was taking off. Now she’s got the kind of success even many print authors only dream of - a big five-book deal with Sterling and lots of movie interest. [However I do think it’s interesting she ultimately chose to go with a print deal rather than sticking with self-pubbing...]

Here’s the plot, according to the O: “"Tiger's Curse" -- the story of a girl from Oregon who takes a job at a circus and falls in love with Ren, a man trapped in a tiger's body -- and its sequels borrow elements from what Houck loves best: the love story from "Twilight," the hero's journey from the "Indiana Jones" series, some of the surprises and plot twists from "Lost," even something from "Star Trek."

Read more about her success here.

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