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Romance never goes out of style

Romance never goes out of style. Romance books as a category, that is. Because the romance category was never review-driven, it hasn't hurt it that there are fewer and fewer formal reviews in newspapers and magazines.

In an article about romances Ad Age says, "It helps that romance was well prepared, in many ways without trying, for the challenges that would come. Its fans like to talk to one another, to the eventual advantage of the romance sites and social-media plays that have now emerged. And its books were typically priced pretty low. There's more free content every day, but romance publishers are proving that cheap can be pretty persuasive, too. "What I've seen as the economy has slowed down and e-books have started to pick up, is folks are buying fewer books," Mr. Norris said. "But they have a tendency to buy more paperback books and books with a low price point. With romance there really hasn't been a compromise for readers to make."

Read more here about how romance is finding new ways to connect with readers.

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