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Ebooks + Teens = ETeens?

Publishers Weekly says about teens and ebooks: "Slowly but surely, teens are buying e-books, though not yet as often as their parents are. Depending on the title, YA authors may see 5%–10% of their titles sell in e-form. What's holding them back? Many teens say they love the feel of old-fashioned books. And with limited income from babysitting and other low-paying jobs, kids who want to go electronic often can't afford three-figure prices for e-readers such as Kindles, Nooks, and iPads. And even if they can, they may be unable to find favorite titles—such as the Harry Potter series—in digital form. "

Read more here.

The New York Times looked at the same subject: "Ever since the holidays, publishers have noticed that some unusual titles have spiked in e-book sales. The “Chronicles of Narnia” series. “Hush, Hush.” The “Dork Diaries” series. At HarperCollins, for example, e-books made up 25 percent of all young-adult sales in January, up from about 6 percent a year before — a boom in sales that quickly got the attention of publishers there."

Read more here.

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