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Teacher fired for getting troubled students interested in reading

A teacher in England has been fired for getting troubled students interested in reading. Of course, it’s not that simple.

As The Guardian reports, “Rustamova, 40, wrote the 96-page story after taking charge of a recalcitrant group nicknamed the Commy Boys, who were allegedly given to sexist and racist language and showed little interest in learning. She wrote five of them and herself into a plot involving a drugs gang which was foiled by the pupils, but with sexual fantasies, bad language and truancy along the way. The tribunal heard how Rustamova read draft instalments in class and pupils gradually became interested in adding their own contributions. Inevitably, this ratcheted up the tally of swearwords and risque episodes, but Matthew Pascall, Rustamova's barrister, said the book did not subvert "positive attitudes and values" and its denouement involved the teacher and her "five favourites" calling in the police.”

Read more here.

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