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The Harriet Wars

Time magazine has a little article on Harriet Klausner, the number one reviewer on Amazon. My first review on Amazon came courtesy of Harriet, as is true for many authors. At the time, I didn't notice that she gave every book five stars (she now will occasionally give four stars, which I think might be code for "this book really stinks"). I was just excited that someone who I didn't know personally liked my book!

Six or seven years ago, Harriet used to post her reviews on DorothyL, a listserv for mystery lovers. Her posts really didn't fit in with the other posts. One day someone found fault with how she had worded a somewhat garbled review. A few more people chimed in. For a while, the whole of DorothyL was consumed by the topic. Harriet at one point posted in her own defense, but her post didn't do her any favors. It was rambling, mis-spelled and missing capital letters, obviously written in haste and hurt. (Full disclosure: I thought it kind of read like she had been drinking.)

The whole topic became so heated that one of the ground rules for DorothyL is that you cannot discuss Harriet. And she doesn't post there any more.

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