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Be careful who you hire…

Debra Ginsberg has a new book out called Blind Submission. Ginsberg, who worked for agent Sandra Dijkstra, has a main character described as a "brilliant, conniving literary agent who terrorizes her minions." The LA Times says: "For many California literati, Ginsberg, 44, has served up a wicked, unmistakable take on Dijkstra, whose aggressive style is well known. And the author isn't the only one to dish: Her book editor, Sally Kim, and her prior literary agent, Amy Rennert, also worked for Dijkstra."

Dijkstra's another one of those powerhouses you either love or hate. I've heard some stories about her, and know a few of her clients. I don't think I could work with her.

I also couldn't read Blind Submission. I tried, but the characters felt like cardboard and there was a lot of telling, not showing. Maybe the whole thing pulled together later (and it could have, because it's gotten good reviews), but it didn't work for me and I gave up after 30 pages.

If you want to read a funny chick lit type book about publishing, try Marian Keye's The Other Side of the Story.

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