aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,


- A coyote running in front of me while I was running myself. (He looked like a lanky adolescent who knew he was up well past his bedtime - it was 7:30 a.m.)

- Five minutes later, a driver who didn't see me deciding to pull into traffic by crossing the sidewalk I was on. I braced my hand on his hood and somehow scooted by without being hit, ending up on the other side of the car in time to meet his guilty, shocked gaze.

- Taking my car in because the check engine light came on and learning just how much catalytic converters cost. (A lot.)

- Having lots of extra time at the shop while I waited for one of their free loaners to be returned and polishing off my copy edits with zero distractions.

- Having the manager at Dan's (http://www.dansautocenter.com/) offer me her own personal car so I could go to the grocery store after I finished my copyedits. When I came back, she even offered to take the long-in-the-tooth loaner so I could continue to enjoy her nearly new Tribeca with leather seats. (I declined.)

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