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Check out an interview I did with Teacher Librarian magazine at http://www.teacherlibrarian.com/ . Click on the digital version on the right, go to page 54, and there I am. I said one thing I kind of worried was risky to say - what do you think?

Girl, Stolen almost didn’t see the light of day. But one editor fell in love with it. And all it takes is one.

It’s been out almost six months, and reviews continue to trickle in.

Jeannette Larson emailed me to say that she had reviewed Girl, Stolen for Parentwise Austin: 
"The jacket art for this fast-paced teen novel is compelling and will draw readers into a story about a girl who takes control of her destiny in spite of illness, disability, and fear. Filled with tension, drama, and spirit, Cheyenne's character stands out for her abilities instead of her disability and Henry does a great job helping the reader get inside the head of a blind girl who is clearly going to survive against the odds."

We emailed back and forth a bit and it turns out she’s the Jeanette Larson who wrote Bringing Mysteries Alive for Children and Young Adults - a resource for librarians and teachers that I own and have talked about to librarians. It’s all a big circle.

And I saw this from Children’s LIterature over on the Barnes and Noble web site: “"This is a great page turner for teens. Learning to deal with adversity is a theme that runs through the story and readers will be talking about the choices the characters make and the consequences involved."

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