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Across the pond, it's another world

The Guardian has an article on the best-selling books in England. They credit many of them with being successful to "Richard and Judy" a married couple who have a self-named evening TV show and a book club, similar to Oprah's late lamented book club.

In part, the Guardian says, "Last year, you had to peer hard to discern the much-vaunted "Richard and Judy effect" on sales in a league table with JK Rowling at number one and a top 10 also including four elderly Dan Brown thrillers, the adult edition of the Harry Potter and a Sudoku book. This time, their impact is unmistakable. Kate Mosse at number one and Victoria Hislop at number two were both R&J selections, as were Dorothy Koomson (nine), the Guardian's own Sam Bourne (13), Elizabeth Kostova (14) and Elisabeth Hyde (39)."

Without looking on Amazon, the only author I recognize is Elizabeth Kostova, who wrote The Historian. Read more from the Guardian here.. Read about Richard and Judy here..

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