Sixty-plus agents rejected The Help

A friend of mine went to see Kathryn Stocket speak at the opening of the Virginia Book Festival. They said she pulled out a stack of rejection letters for The Help, which was rejected by over 60 agents. Rather than giving up, she considered the advice from the rejections and used it to make her book stronger each time she submitted it.

The end result was a book that has sold three million copies in two years.

Have you read The Help? Do you think it’s as good as they say it is? I have to admit that sometimes I’m afraid to pick up books that are supposed to be excellent for fear of being disappointed. (And yes, I know that’s probably weird.)

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Yes, it is weird, but I suffer from the same disorder. Lol. With so much hype surrounding a book, I think my expectations are higher, and then the story has to be not just good, but great. If it's not, I'm disappointed.
WOW! A great story of perseverance! And something I need to be reminded of! :) Thanks!
I've been meaning to read it . . .

Interesting, thanks for sharing that.
It was nice to be reminded that not everything is as easy as it looks.

And boy, don't you think a few of those 60 are kicking themselves?
I enjoyed The Help a lot. I had a good time reading it and was irritated if I had to put it down to tend to other life matters.
Also loved loved loved the Mark Haddon book, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. I had such a good cry at the end. My husband reads only non-fiction. I begged him to read it. He liked it, too.
I read that book before it got too big for me to be scared to. My nephew has Aspbergers and the character really reminded me of him.