Where do you hide the gun?

I personally will never be the kind of gal to carry a concealed weapon, but my characters occasionally do. If you wonder how a woman can conceal a gun, you should watch this video.

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Okay, I'm warped. I wanted to see the vlog she kept referring to. This is really a thoughtful post, dealing with the way women's clothing is designed. If I never carry a gun, it's okay. But it was great viewing this, even if I can't say why.
it scares me a little how easy she hides a concealed weapon. not a gun fan.
I don't understand the mind set that you need to carry, unless you have like a crazy stalker and maybe not even then.
There is no way I will EVER put a gun in my pants. Just ain't gonna happen, April. :)
It's clear from all the comments she got that a lot of men like the idea of a woman with a hidden gun....