It's my 21st anniversary

for being on the Bone Marrow Registry. I joined when they had to take marrow painfully from your hip. Now it's done much like a blood donation.

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I came close one year, but not close enough. If you have an interesting background - mixed race or minority - I really encourage you to join. Your genetics determine your bone marrow, and there aren't enough donors for people with certain backgrounds.

I myself am 100% mongrel.

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I'm on the registry. It was so easy: Just a few swabs from inside my cheeks. I did it right after I read an article about how there was a special need for Jewish donors, due to the lingering effects of the Holocaust depleting the Jewish population. I've never been called, but the card has been in my wallet for years.
I was so excited when I was called. I really really wanted to do it. I hope the person found a match.
What's cool is that if the recipient has a different blood type, it is changed by the transplant. So your blood will be running in someone else's veins.