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I don't speak French

Unless you count "Where is the train station?" "Where is the toilet?" "left," "right," and "I don't speak French." (Oh, and everyone knows how to say, "Will you sleep with me?" but that might not be useful on a trip with my spouse and kid.)

However, in about three months we will be in Paris and I hope to find one of these books and sign it:

The blue one on top was a fancy oversized paperback that came out in France a couple years back and did well enough that they decided to put it out in a smaller paperback which just came out in November. The blue cover would NEVER sell in America, but apparently it did in France. I like the black cover a lot. My understanding is that Learning to Fly became A Death for a Life. That's a good title.

In the Netherlands, where we may also go, it's called The Second Face. (Full disclosure: Which is also what they called the translation of Stephen King's The Shining. And the exteriors for the movie were filmed at Oregon's Timberline Lodge. But that's about the only connection between the two books.) I don't speak Dutch, but do speak German, and hope to at least pick up the gist of what I see and hear.

My German cover for Shock Point isn't available yet, but the book is inexplicably called "Breakout. Reality." In English. With the period. Since we are landing in Frankfurt and I do speak German, maybe I can actually locate a copy at a bookstore.

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