Would a book with a brown-paper cover still be checked out? [now with fixed link!]

I love this idea! A library "recently put up a display with all of the books covered in brown paper. Above it there is a sign that reads: “Do You Judge a Book by Its Cover?” The rules are if you unwrap a book—based on the short description taped to it—you must check it out. Even if you’ve read it before, or if you think you won’t like it. Take it home, give it a shot. Don’t judge it by its cover alone!"

Read more about what they did here.

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THAT is brill. I love this idea.

The trade paperback tables at B&N are my downfall. I quake when I think of the number of those contemporary trades that have seduced me with their cover art and blurbs. I try to NOT thumb through a book whilst standing in the aisle...and it has burned me badly.
A bad cover can kill a book - and a good cover can entice you to buy something that isn't that good.
"A book you will throw against the wall many times." LOL!!

What a great idea. I'm sending the article to my teen librarians!
I do. When I go to the YA section I usually avoid anything vampy looking. Or fallen-angel-ish.
Aside from that I read the inside flap. If that's interesting I move on to the first few pages. If I can get to the fifth chapter and still want to read then I buy it! Complicated.