Hey Lisa Rinna! I don't try to act, so you shouldn't try to write for kids

Lisa Rinna and I both attended the same high school in the small town of Medford, Oregon. [How small? When I graduated there were about 18,000 people living there. Not I think it's about 50k]. She was four years behind me, and since our high schools were broken into schools for 9/10 and for 11/12 grades, I never knew her.

Her claims to fame are: being on Days of Our Lives, on Melrose Place, and marrying Harry Hamlin. More recently it's been for making some unfortunate choices in trying to maintain a youthful appearance.

A few weeks ago, she was on Celebrity Apprentice, where two teams were tasked with creating books for kids. The teams came up with some fairly tired themes: Lisa's team picked shyness and Meatloaf's team picked bullying. It sounds like there was a lot of infighting as the books were developed.

At the end of the night, Lisa was sent home - but not before The Donald complimented her on her lip reduction surgery.

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I guess Marshall Cavendish is actually going to publish the other book...

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