Can you fake yourself into writing

I have a very pressing deadline, and the pressure is almost paralyzing me.

Today I ran across something Robert Sheckley said in an essay [Aside: I wish I could find the full essay online or figure out how to read it] called "On Working Method." In it, he suggested telling yourself that you're not really writing a story but only a simulation of a story. A simulation has action and characters and tension just like a real story, but since it's not a real story, the words you use aren't crucial. You don't worry about it, you just write it, working "rapidly and with a certain lightness of touch, as one would do a watercolor rather than a painting." He found that his "simulations" looked pretty much like first drafts of his regular stories. He could "only write as I write, not much better or worse."

Today I'm going to write a simulation, not worry about it, just write it.

Here's something I wrote about Robert Sheckley and I once taught a class together:

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I'm feeling the paralyzing pressure here, too. I keep trying to trick myself by saying that if I type up these terrible scenes after I hand write them, I will eventually get to come back and revise them all. It isn't reassuring me the way I hoped it would, though.
I know this is really random, but I was at the library on Thursday and saw your book, 'Shock Point'. I checked it out, and I COULDN'T PUT IT DOWN! Man, it was soooo good! I have 'Girl, Stolen' on hold! Can't wait to read it! Just thought I'd let you know :)
Wow! Thank you! I love those two books. Shock Point was my accidental YA. I wrote it thinking it would be for adults, and my agent told me it was for teens. She was right!
I'm actually going on a mission to find more of your books this summer (when I have more time to read)! It was just really really good! Good luck on your next one, too! I'm sure it'll be awesome :)
I've got two more fun thrillers in the works. The next one comes out in March 2012 and is called The Night She Disappeared.