My life in 2011, as summarized by an earring

I found this earring when I was running a few weeks ago. I hung it on some blackberry bushes, but no one has claimed it, so I took it home. It kind of summarized how the first three months of 2011 have gone:

- There's shiny stuff that might be gold. (Some tantalizing possibilities.)
- Then again, it might be cheap plating.
- And there's also dirt. (Lots of hard work that I sure hope pays off down the road.) (And some hard work that didn't).
- Death has also been a big part of this year. (Lisa, my aunt Joanne, my husband's great-aunt Mary.)
- Love is a constant and it just gets deeper. (My husband, my daughter, old friends, new friends.)
- And there have been a few things as miraculous as the wings of angels.

One thing is for sure - 2011 is a year I won't forget.

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What a lovely post. I'd like to wish on some miraculous angels for a great 2011. Thanks for sharing.
I thought about that earring for a long while and was glad to find it again so I could blog about it.
I put in the pitcher where I keep all the things I find when I run - mostly lots of pennies.