For the last month, I've been itchy all over. No rash. Horrible at night. We already use hypoallergenic soap and laundry soap. I haven't changed what I eat or use. I had some basic blood tests done. Thyroid fine, kidneys fine. I'm a little bit anemic, but I've been before, and taking iron doesn't seem to be changing it.

I'm trying different things - Sarne lotion, ice packs, hyrdocortisone cream, lots of moisturizer, not using soap at all - but does anyone have any clues about what could be causing it?

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it could be the water, have you had that tested? sometimes municipalities change the way they filter water, for example... also, do you use a humidifier, that can help with overall moisture (I get very, very, dry in winter)
Portland is so wet it's hard to see that my indoor air would be dry. I usually keep my daytime thermostat at 65, so the heat's not even on that much. The water is an interesting idea.
Are you very stressed about something? That happened to me--but with the rash--and it coincided with a lot of stress connected to my move.

Maybe an allergy? You can develop new ones. It could be something you wear, such as wool.

Ugh. I hope you find the cause and the cure soon.
Late February was a horribly stressful time, but the rash didn't start until March 5. My doctor thinks it's allergies.
My skin itches during the spring almost every year. It's annoying. My doctor determined it was seasonal allergies after a series of prick tests.
i like that answer. I get scared when I see things about it possibly being a sign of cancer.