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Laini’s thoughts on beginnings

I met Laini Taylor a few years back. Once you meet her, you’ll never forget her, at least not as long as she keeps dying her hair pink. Our paths cross every now and then because we are both YA writers and we both live in Portland. And then I had the distinct pleasure of reviewing the amazing Lips Touch: Three Times for the Oregonian. It went on to be a finalist for the National Book Award.

Laini has a very thoughtful blog, and I was fascinated by her description of how she begins a novel.

One of her concerns is “cool,” as in:
“What is the coolest way I might introduce this character? 
Where is the coolest place to drop the reader into the narrative?
What is the coolest setting, a place that will make readers want to crawl right into the book?”

I usually think along the lines of “What will make things worse for my characters,” but I’m going to start thinking about “cool” as well.

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