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How a cover came to be

The jacket designer for Poser: My Life in 23 Yoga Poses talks about how she came to design the jacket, including concepts that didn’t quite work out. [Full disclosure: I was once in the same very large room with the book’s author, as we schmoozed with booksellers at the Pacific Northwest Booksellers annual meeting. I personally only saw her from afar.]

I love book covers, even though I am no artist at all, not even a poor one. But just as authors squirrel away ideas or articles, it turns outs out artists do as well. She says, “Once when I was on my way to meet my future husband at the movies, I passed a '70s-style, upright vacuum cleaner lying amongst some trash bags by the curb. I doubled back and pried its divine avocado-green and mustard-yellow plastic bag from the chrome handle. ...Years later, a scan of this vacuum bag made its way onto the spine of a book that chronicled the styles of the Disco Era. Everything is worth hanging onto.”

Read more about the process here.

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