aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

What is film that expired in 2004 worth?

When it's Polaroid film, a lot.

Perhaps revealing how busy our lives are, my husband discovered a stash of Polaroid film, remnants of packs we bought at Costco years ago when Teen was Kid and liked to take Polaroid photos of her toys, us, and other things that made sense only to her.

Curious, I logged on to ebay to see if it was worth anything. And discovered it was going for $30 bucks for a 10-pack.

Sold as is.

So why would anyone buy it?

After I shipped off three of the boxes, I asked the buyer what he did with it.

He said they use it to take pictures of kids when the travel. "It is amazing to see the faces of the kids in Egypt, China, Africa, and Tibet when we take their pictures, but than actually get to hand them their pictures, watch their faces as they watch the film develop, than tell them it's theirs to take home to show their parents or put up in their room, of their encounters with the 'Americans.' We have gone through hundreds of dollars of that 'old worthless' film, but it's the best foreign relations act we ever do on our overseas trips."

Wow, Tim and Jonna, I'm impressed!

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